I’m gonna post about my love life here… honestly, i don’t have a love life. And i’m proud to say that because i’m not the type of girl who is miserable and cries about not having one. I really have high standards when it comes to boys. He should have the same faith as mine, someone’s who not REALLY VAIN, not fashionable, very open, and of course, has a sense of humor. Someone who i can be proud of and someone who will like my parents. I’m not the type of girl who wants to have a boyfriend because they have to. I mean it ain’t PEER PRESSURE. Some girls wants to have one just because they need to or they feel like having one since they’re in a TEENAGE STAGE. The main truth is love can wait. You really have to pray for that right one and someone you can really pursue in the future. Isn’t it amazing that you can call each other… “first and last” rather than.. “oh i had a lot of boyfriends or girlfriends” (in a proud way) Hearing girls talk about love life around boys is.. a kind of a turn off especially when you really sound desperate.

My opinion about guys courting you is just so mainstream. I mean i get it, they show you how they mean to you by giving you expensive food or things but behind it is saying “Buying love” (for me) it’s better if you show to the girl how you really want to pursue her. The legit thing i want to happen for myself is him taking me on a food trip or rather go to a wide open space with a nice view and we dance randomly and just enjoy the view. I’d rather choose that than material things. Why can’t ficitional characters are so perffff.